June 30, 2011

No Power in Mesa, AZ today.

This afternoon the Electric Company had a transformer explode and catch fire. this caused a major power failure in Mesa on a triple-digit day. For some reason, our favorite hangout, Bookman's, still had power. that means AC! AND they are pet-friendly, so Hubby and Son brought Tara the Foster dog down and I went straight from work to Bookman's.

Tara has done very well, even putting up with a snarky little dog that had been rescued from a puppy mill along with her pets. So, she's roamed the whole store, and I've walked her up and down the shopping center outside a couple times as well. She is laying behind my chair now in a quiet nook off to the side in the area near the dog books. I guess it smells the most dog friendly.

The word is that the electric will be restored around 2AM tonight, and Bookman's closes in about 45 minutes, so it's back to our hot dark house pretty soon. sigh....

Oh, and Hubby and son? They brought their laptops, so they are using Bookman's free wi-fi access to surf Facebook and wherever they go online. LOL Leave it to them to maximize their time here at Bookman's and prevent Technology Withdrawals... They brought my laptop too, but my cellphone was all I needed for my blog post.

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