June 19, 2011

Amazon Kindle 3

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I've been telling people how wonderful Kindle is ever since I bought one for my husband, then a second one for myself. My mom (a voracious reader) wanted to try mine before deciding whether she wanted the Kindle or that other one from the big bookstore... After playing with mine, she bought one as well.

Well, today, in a gust of wind, it fell from the small table where I was sitting and landed on the hard concrete. The eInk quit working. No more Kindle!

Oh. My. Goodness!!!What am I going to do now?! I went to the Amazon site to see how long the warranty was and if it covered this kind of accidental dropping. A 1-Year Warranty? Most electronics have a 90 Day warranty. I called the Cust. Svc number listed on Amazon.com and it WAS Covered! Oh. My. Goodness! I will have my replacement in 4 days and the original is boxed and ready to be shipped.

I couldn't be more impressed or happier with the selection of books, the prices, the awesome warranty, the size, weight, and everything else.

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