July 7, 2010

It's been a LONG while.

In responding to a blogger's post here I remembered that I had a blog and just have not used it in For-EVER. So, with this, I thought I would share my entire comment in my blog, just in case something happened to my comment, which ended up being sent in two parts.

Basically, their blog is about how their wonderful Pit Bull Rescue is trying to educate people about the bad rap that this breed gets. I personally have never met a Pit Bull terrier that wasn't a warm, gentle, loving animal. I have only met a few dogs that made me nervous, and none of them were Pits, none were bull terriers of any sort. Of course, each one of those dogs was only defending it's territory and it's human from an unknown potential trespasser. So, BAD RAP Blog is run by people who are doing wonderful things to dispel the myths on these dogs and to give them a second chance with loving families.

So, here is my reply to the blog I linked above:

I don't have dogs or cats, but I do have snakes, lizards, degus, frogs, toads, a finch, and 3 tanks of fish - All of which are on both PeTA and HSUS hit lists.

Along with USARK, I would suggest checking out Responsible Exotic Animal Owners www.REXANO.org for some good info on breed specific legislation that they are always on the watch for and fighting, as well as fighting any legislation that PeTA or HSUS pushes to make any exotics illegal. They also are an excellent resource for statistics on just how many human deaths have occurred due to animals. Remember, PeTA and HSUS have multi-faceted attacks against all pet owners, whether they have domestic or exotic animals, and they won't stop at anything less than every human being forced to become Vegan, with no animal companionship of any kind. Domestic and Exotic pet owners must all stick together to fight PeTA and HSUS. One breed or species lost to legislation is one less we all have to love and cherish.

The fact that PeTA and HSUS both seem to be working toward the same ultimate goal is not surprising when you learn that each of their Board of Directors one or two people in common.

PeTA is absolutely dead set on eliminating all domestic animals - period. They don't want farm animals to be raised for slaughter, don't want laboratory animals to help us discover new medical treatments. (Byetta wouldn't be treating Type 2 Diabetics if not for research on Gila Monster venom!) They don't want people to have service animals, like seeing eye dogs, they don't want our law enforcement and military to have K9 cops.

Someone already said it, PeTA is a cult, pure and simple. They warp the minds of all their followers and especially of their employees. I try to educate as many people who are animal owners supporting PeTA because they don't know any better - yet.

as a final note: Ever really look at the PeTA logo... just as I've typed it here, the "e" is always lower case... that's e for ethical, and it's the least important word in their title, or they would have their whole logo in CAPS. They have no ethics, don't care about pets. Murder could never be called a viable "treatment" of animals. They truly are "People Euthanizing Trusting Animals" and it is disgusting.

There really is a difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare. Animal "Rights" generally means that all animals have the same rights as humans, and have the right to not be owned (in servitude as slaves)

Animal Welfare generally means that all animals that are under the human's care, or owned by that human, must be treated right, to be kept healthy, clean, well cared for, socialized, and safe from harm.

And then there's the Responsible Exotic Animal Owner, who would not only keep their animals healthy, clean, well cared for, socialized, safe from harm and from harming others, but would also accept full responsibility for anything that happens to their animal or by their animal. Check out REXANO for more information.

They (We) believe that loving relationships can exist between non-domesticated animals and their owners. We believe that as long as a person can properly keep an animal, healthy, well adjusted, clean, socialized, safe from harm and safe from harming others, and the animal was not poached in the wild illegally, or imported illegally, and have all applicable permits then they should be able to keep them. The couple who operate REXANO's website have large cats, legally, and follow all their state's laws, keep their animals safe from harm and safe from harming outsiders. They fully accept the risks as well as the rewards with working with their animals. The majority of Exotics animal owners fully accept the risks of the animals they choose to keep. They fully accept the responsibility of keeping those animals as well.

The minority of exotic animal owners are the ones who we read about in the news, their irresponsible behavior sensationalized by reporters trying to sell their story, who haven't ever considered and couldn't ever imagine having a non-domesticated animal for a pet. Meanwhile, those in the majority wince, because we know that the Animal Rights followers will use that news to create a new fear-laden propaganda machine, and keep those wheels turning for all it's worth. Fear-mongering at its worse.

My Final thought: Every animal owner I have ever known has been completely owned by their animals, they put their own needs secondary to their animals. I know we do in this home.