October 3, 2010

Another Religion Rant...

There is this article, linked here, that had a comment by someone calling themselves "shahid b"
This person, upon reading that Druids are now officially recognized in Britain as belonging to an official religion for purposes of taxes and charities, spouted such vile hatred toward anyone non-Christian that I was compelled to reply. This is my reply, as posted in the comments.

Shahid, I thought that followers of Christ were supposed to have compassion, and yet, I don't see any of this in your post. I see hate and bigotry. How sad. It seems to be something that has gone viral through the Christian community, I don't think it's curable with penicillin, but may be alleviated with time, education and desire to really follow Christ, and stop the "Old Testament" casting of stones. You should examine your own heart, are you without sin? Doesn't the bible say something about this? (As a Humanist, I'm not going to quote chapter/verse without googling it, but I know enough about the stories within the bible to know that it is only he who is without sin who could pass judgment on another.) 

There is too much bigotry and hate in this world that is based in the age-old (childish) "My God can kick your God's ass" rhetoric (I guess biological fathers are replaced by spiritual fathers once a person is beyond physical childhood. (Mental "childhood" is debatable at this point.)  Oh, and don't bother replying that your God can kick my God's ass, or however you want to phrase it, until you at least look up what a Humanist believes.

I have seen a lot of religion- based bigotry in this last year, just in the United States, and it sickens me to the core. I fight this ignorant rhetoric with rational dialogue whenever possible, and have defended many different religions that are under pressure from so-called Christians such as yourself, and yet,

I personally don't believe in the religions I defend so vehemently. I've defended Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and every other religion found in the US, as their followers have every right to their beliefs just as Christians have their right to believe as they have. Fortunately, in the US, I have the right to believe in no higher power, creator or God, by whatever name people choose to call the one they follow.

I won't go back to see if they bother to reply, because it's just not worth the effort.I probably should have re-phrased that last paragraph a bit, but oh, well, I honestly and firmly believe that everyone has a right to their personal beliefs, no matter what that belief is, but the violent hatred that has been perpetrated against non-Christian religions has become worse than I've ever seen it before this year, it's disgusting. Why do so many people think that it's okay to express such bigotry and hate?

As my husband is fond of saying, "What's right isn't always popular and what's popular isn't always right." He's right. 

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