September 23, 2010

Why should someone else make my medical decisions?

Every person in this country has the right to decide what their medical choices are, whether they will refuse treatment because of religious views, or whether they have advised "do not resuscitate" if they have a heart attack/stroke, etc therefore, it is up to every woman to have the right to make this choice about her body, her life, and have her own moral compass to guide her. I made my choice in 1988 and again in 1991.

I did not make my choices lightly, and I was fortunate to not make them alone. My mother supported my decision fully in both cases, but it was still MY CHOICE. In 1988, I chose which family would adopt my daughter, and she's had a wonderful life back East. In 1991, I planned my pregnancy down to what month he would be born. (April) These were my choices to make and mine alone.

I can not pass judgment on any woman for making the decision that she makes, because she is the only one that knows what is right for her. No one has the right to inflict their judgment or their so-called morality on another person when it comes to this choice. If more women had access to contraceptives, and then had the ability to make her choices based on her needs, her specific circumstances, then maybe there wouldn't be such an overpopulation in other parts of the world, or for that matter, here in the US.